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The '70's was a great era if you were a car guy. Besides the '60's muscle cars being just affordable used cars by then, it was also truly the golden era of amateur sports car racing in North America. Imagine full grids of over 40 cars for our amateur race on a Sunday afternoon. Not to mention Can-Am, TransAm, the Bulova series,  and some truly memorable F1 events. Racing was simpler then, and not as sanitized and commercialized as it is today. And Mosport was the place to be. To top it all off, even a second track was launched at Shannonville. Wow, we were really spoiled.


These photos on these pages are hardly the full summary of all of the events we all attended back then, and sadly misses a lot of people who were also there. But, there are fortunately enough surviving pictures that they are able to capture the spirit of the times pretty well.

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