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1966 PORSCHE 911


Porsche introduced its new 911 model in 1964. Radical for the time, the heart of the car was its 2.0 liter flat air-cooled 6 cylinder horizontally opposed  "boxer" engine, mounted in the back of the car. With some 130 hp it was an incredibly efficient and sturdy design, that would serve the car in its basic form for over 30 years. As time would bear out, the 911's basic design is still in use today and is instantly recognized for what it is by even the most casual auto enthusiast.

My particular car was serial number 302596. Acording to a record provided by Porsche it was built on November 4 of 1965 with an unusually high number of options: power antenna for the radio, headrests, gas heater, koni shocks, outside thermometer, leather interior. It was delivered to its first owner (I'm the second) on December 7 1965 from the famous Vasek Polak Motors in Southern California. Polak immediately added the very rare dealer installed air conditioning , as well as special 5.5" wide wheels called Mcafee's.  In the late 1960's/early '70's the first owner changed the bumper to the later S model of the time, and switched to a 4-pipe Ansa exhaust. All these items remain with the car today. The car also  was featured in a book about the 911,  and I have a signed copy given to the first owner by the author. My plan was to retain all the items that were on the car at that time, but also set the car up to appear "factory box stock" as per the picture below. 


My car also had one other thing that is very rare in the world of early 911's - an unbroken and totally documented provenance since the day the first owner took delivery. No gaps in history, no unknowns, every oil change and servicing. It's all there in the records. And in the early 911 world that's really rare.





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