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Introduced in 1993, the RS America was a lightened, limited edition, performance version of the venerable Porsche® 911 Carrera® which according to Porsche both “commemorates the 20th Anniversary of”, and “captures the spirit of” the original 1973 Carrera RS. By now, engine size had increased to 3.6 liters, and horsepower output had pretty much doubled. In the end, only some 701 RSA's  over 2 years (model years 1993 and 1994) were ever  produced, making this one of the rarest 911 models Porsche ever produced.

But, you may say, it's not a "real" RS - like the original '73. Well, good point. So how does the RSA stack up against the original RS? Surprisingly well, actually. Click here to find out.

Surprisingly though, there are some particularly ugly RSA America's out there however - like  this one.

To learn more about this very unique Porsche model, visit the worlds best website dedicated to this car click on this link:




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