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I've always had a job that came with a company car. Not my car as such, but it generally was my daily driver. Some were dogs, some looked cool but performed like dogs, a few were ...well...kind'a OK. After all, they're just daily drivers, and the price is right.

1974 Olds Cutlas. First co car.  Tony and Warren sideswiped a guard rail near Lime Rock CT looking for a bar at 3 AM and totaled the whole right side. Warren's similar 442 was faster.

1994 and  1998 Dodge Intrepids.  "Cab forward" styling seemed advanced for the time, didn't age all that well. Had a black one & a dark grey one.

1983 Mustang 4 cyl 5 spd. Down shifting from 5th into reverse causes car to roll to a stop. Fixed under warranty. I don't think I was the first.

2005 Dodge Magnum. Best of the co. car choices that year. OK at first, but can't say I miss it.

1985 Chevy Celebrity   "Eurosport"  4 cyl automatic.  All show, no go.

​​2010 Ford Fusion. Nicely trimmed out inside, but a sluggish 4 banger.​​​

1988 Dodge Lancer. 5 spd 4 cyl. Similar to Shelby model, but a lot less $$. If you really worked the gear box, it could be  sneaky quick.

​​​2​012 Ford Taurus. My current car. Loaded. Lots of grunt good high speed cruiser. Goes well around corners too. Mine's white. Nice car, well trimmed out.

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