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ERA 427 Cobra Replica 

Having sold the '72 TR6, and with Patrick approaching the mid teen years, a father/son project to build a 289 FIA Cobra Replica seemed like just the ticket. We had visited ERA in New Britain Ct who reputedly make the best glass Replica Cobra out there and laid down the $5k deposit. But fate intervened when I saw a full blown 427 Cobra being auctioned off by the DEA. It was also an ERA - #601 - later to be dubbed the "DEA-ERA". It was a total brute and it looked the part ....I knew this car was well north of $50k to build, when the bids had closed I got the word - my bid was the high bid but the DEA sets a floor price - If I wanted it, I got first shot. So, I jumped in, never having seen the car in person. In hindsight a huge risk but I got lucky. I ended up having to swap the heads, as they were mismatched to the bottom end. Learned all about big block Ford motors, the difference between a 427 and a 428, high risers, side oilers, Jag rear ends, toploaders and tremecs, and the whole automotive subculture, hierarchy, and pecking order of Cobra replicas. In the end, what it came down to was the car was a beast - you could drive it a few miles to the Friday night cruise-in, but don't bother trying a 100 mile jaunt - it was waaay too loud, and way too uncomfortable for that. 


Having said all that, every car guy should own one of these once. 

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