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2017 Watkins Glen Vintage

The cars of the Autobahn, or so it was advertised. The Glen was cold this year, but at least it wasn't wet. As always, the Friday walk through the town was enjoyable, lots of great cars, albeit the show is starting to look and feel a bit like Ground Hog Day. But for the Glen to be "right" it has to do the street show right as well as get the racing right. Close you eyes for a minute and you'd have thought you were at an SCCA regional event. Come on VARAC, I think you'r really stretching the definition of a "vintage" car race... do I hear Pittsburgh calling? Ok, 3 strike rule applies, so we'll give you one more chance...As always, click any picture to enlarge in a new window

Home sweel home.

Hey, Doug - what year did you say that car was again?

Our streak of driving at least one vintage car to the event ends at 7.


This car's appeared on this site in previous years. Something about it just draws me to it



Wham. Just like that. I can't explain how it happens, but sometimes there's just a rare moment when it hits you like a bolt of lightning - that car is friggin' gorgeous. Like the girl in high school who never quite did it for you at the time, and then years later you see her and she's blossomed into a breathtaking woman. Something just hit me about the C7 Corvette on that Friday morning at the Glen. I'd seen 'em before, but something about this one, that I almost tripped over, made me really see it for the first time. Its spectacular from every angle. And it has the cojones to back up the looks. There she was... calling me. Wow, I'm in love.

I can't take credit for this picture, but can you blame me for using it?

Anyway, back to the show...  having fun on a budget...

One owner, imagine...

Sorry Cayman. Yes, you're pretty, but someone else has my heart now...

Vintage racing? hey guys did we take a wrong turn somewhere?

Years before the Honda CB 750

was the Curtis 4 cylinder

And finally... in the real spirit of vintage racing.... -> -> -> ->

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