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2003 Acura NSX


In the late 1980's Honda asked the question: why do all supercars have to be tempermental and crazy expensive? Not having a good answer, they decided to prove it could be done their way. With the Ferrari 328/348 and Porsche 911 as their clear target, Honda introduced their version of a 170 mph supercar as they thought it should be. The car took the automotive world by storm: F16 cab-forward styling, handbuilt, 3.0 liter V-tec (variable timing electronic control - revolutionary for its time) engine, 5 speed transmission, timeless looks, all aluminum body, forged aluminum suspension, titanium connnecting rods. It was rolling automotive art. "Best ever use of aluminum" declared Car&Driver magazine. And, it could be serviced at your local Acura dealer. 


NSX production ran from 1991 to 2005. My car is the later 2003 version, notable for being different than "gen 1 cars" by its enlarged and more powerful 3.2 liter engine, a 6 speed transmission, and the "open" headlight styling. But, by 2003 the NSX was approaching a list price of $100k, and Honda only sold 171 of them into the US in 2003 despute losing big money on each car sold. But their point had been made, so in 2005 Honda discontinued production. Mine was one of 54 in Silverstone Silver made that year, and one of only 24 with the complementary  "silver" leather interior. A rare car that can hold its own against any supercar on the market, all while remaining very easy to live with.

At only 46" high, the NSX is looow. Wanna see how small the NSX really is? Take a look at a few of the 50 or so  pages on this website for some cool "NSX beside a "____" visuals.


And how does the NSX work as a background prop for taking some hot chick photos? Take a look here, and work backwards from the 72 or so pages.



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