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So many cars, so little time. I forget who first said it, but it's so true. Some guys buy their favorite car, & hold it forever. Which is cool. But my problem is, I'm not sure I know what my favorite car is yet.
If you are here it's because you've somehow learned about my little car collection and wanted to poke around a bit. So, come on in, and enjoy. The cars highlighted across the top menu bar represent my current little collection. The biggest problem I have is making sure they all get enough excercise. And storage - never a big enough shop.
In the "Gone But Not Forgotten" section, the cars are either the real thing from pictures I had, or pictures I could find that most closely resembled the actual car and colour I owned. Back then we just didn't take a lot of pictures of our every day cars. They were just that - old cars. I'd always been meaning to make a list some day of all the cars I have had, and this website was a chance to learn a bit about web design, and collect my past car pictures into one place at the same time. And then it just grew from there.

The "Past Events" section is hardly complete, but certainly captures a lot of memorable events. If you were with me at one of these events, I've tried to include photos of "who was there", so be sure to look for yourself.


All the pictures are designed as links to open a larger picture of the image in a new window, so be sure to click on them.
And also be sure to visit the "Contact" page and drop me an email if you liked the site. Or even if you didn't.


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