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About the Triumph TR3A

Triumph introduced the TR2 in 1954. The car  was a spirited performer for its time, and priced at an affordable level compared to the competition. The car evolved into the TR3, then the TR3A (mine), then towards the end of its run of some 9 years, the TR3B. The last 3B's had a TR4 engine (2.2 liters instead of 2.0) as well as a more refined synchromesh first gear. The TR3 by this time was considered too lacking in creature comforts with its bolt on side curtains instead of wind up windows and was eventually displaced by the more comfortable TR4 in 1963. The main visual differences between the different TR "sidescreen models" as the 2-3 and 3A/B were known, have to do with the size of the front grill (see below) opening. There were a few mechanical upgrades over the years, but all years retained the same overall basic shape.
My particular car is serial number TS31577 LO, built in 1959 (L for left hand drive, O for overdrive). It spent its first 47 years in Arizona, and then it was moved to Southern California to be restored in 2007- an original survivor being done from the ground up. Unfortunately, the economic collapse mean the second owner had to bail on the car, and turned it over to the renowned Southern California British car specialty shop -
 Heritage Motorsport from  San Diego, who had prepared the chassis and drivetrain to concours standards and then in turn sold it to me.

TR3's are never going to be ultra rare, as they made some 70000+ of them. But they will always have a soft spot in my heart, as my first TR3 which I owned as a teenager was at the root of my passion for sports cars today.

  Left:  TR2                                              Center:  TR3                                          Right:  TR3A/B
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