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1983 Porsche 930

If you really know your Porsche's you would say there never was an '83 930 Turbo sold in the USA, and you'd be right. I found this 2 owner extra clean bright red 930 that was built for the German market and federalized for use by its original California owner. He maintained it meticulously. After many years of careful ownership it was bought by a woman in upstate New Hampshire who never drove it, so she decided to sell it in the winter of 2013 and I acquired it on behalf of a friend in Germany. Original paint, never been hit. Very nice car.

Update August '13. After shipping the car to Europe I "coincidentally" met up with it again in Rotterdam while on a business trip, and spent several days driving it around Germany, having a blast with it. Hit a genuine 146 mph on the autobahn per the gps, before I had to turn it over to Volker in Aachen to add to his collection. What a neat car.

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