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1972 GT6 Mk3

Once a Triumph guy, always a Triumph guy. The GT6, sometimes called the "poor mans Jag" has always seemed to have "just right" lines to me. Originally I was looking for the 6+, but the more I looked at the later styles, the more I liked them. I'd take any year actually, even a first year swing axle car. They're all pretty in their own right.


This particular car is the '72 model year, towards the early part of the run, finished in #54 saffron yellow, a color which also has really grown on me, and was the "feature colour" in all the GT6 advertising from the era. While not as quick as the ealier cars, it's  not as choked as the '73's which were really bad. In the end it always comes down to condition, and this one cost far less than a comparable project car. Webers and Minilites it'll be around for a while...


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