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1970 240Z

II had sold my Sunbeam Tiger, moved to a place with a smaller garage and was looking for something new to play with. Now this was back in the pre-internet days, so Hemmings or the Toronto Star weekend paper was it. I found a '70 240Z in Toledo Ohio - it had been a west Texas car it's whole life, and the new owner just wasn't using it. A very clean rust free piece. Greg and I drove down and got it and I drove it home. Today you wouldn't touch it. It was a stock as stock could be, everything original even the wheels and hubcaps (unlike the photo below). Today it would be highly valued due to its "original patina". It was a bit tired around the edges, needing some rubber stuff repaired and a good cleaning but it was all there and solid, and usable as it was. Strangely the engine stuttered and hesitated.The Strombergs were checked and double checked. John Luttenburger - so called tuner extraordinaire couldn't figure it out, and then winter came. So it sat for the winter. In the spring I got the call to move to the US, so I sold it rather than take it with me. It went to the guy from Grand Valley Car Club called "Lorne" or something, who had an original orange car that he autocrossed. Strombergs aside, there was something about the car that, for some reason, I could never warm up to it. They're great cars, just not my cup of tea.


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