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1969 Alfa Romeo GTV

I bought a rusted out example of this car from fellow racer Gary Cook in Cambridge for $800. I had the body work done for another $1300, pulled the motor and took a peak inside a DOHC 1750 cc Alfa motor although it didn't really need it, and re installed it. I thoroughly enjoyed the car for a while. My most vivid memory of the car is driving towards Paris on the Ayr-Paris road late one night after spending some considerable time at a "refreshment facility" in Ayr. I remember commenting, as we were whizzing down the road at over 100 mph, how well the car "floated" along the road with the weight of 4 guys in the car. Crazy. Carol started out driving to BC in it when she decided to move west, but abandoned it just west of Thunder Bay at the side of the road where it had broken down. It was never heard of again. I would own another in a second.  Neat car.

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