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1969 AMX


I've always wanted an american muscle car, and strangely have never owned one. I got the itch kinda' bad at the 2013 Watkins Glen Vintage event when I saw a '69 Mustang Mach 1 for sale at a small dealer's lot right on the man street of the village. So I thought about it for a while. The Mustang is of course so common, and I've had my share of Ford products anyway, so I wanted something a bit different. I always remembered Warren's AMX fondly, which looking back, seemed blazingly fast. The more I thought about it, the more I couldn't see a down side to an AMX. I read up on them (they made the "true 2 seat" AMX only 3 years - approx 18000 in total) and decided I preferred the '68/69 models over the '70 styling-wise. After that, it was a case of condition and price.


I found my car in Denver through Craigslist. A zero rust car - the undercarriage was very very original and very clean. The fact that it was a "Go Pack" car with the 390V315hp engine w/4bbl carburetor; dual exhaust system, power disc brakes; E70X14 redline tires; Twin Grip Axle (posi); Handling Package; Seven Blade Flex Fan; Heavy Duty Cooling; Fan Shroud; Space Saver Spare; Over The Top twin 'skunk' Roof Stripes. That was it, done deal. My car also came with optional AC, but for now I will run it without the AC as some pieces are missing. I am also in the process of hunting down the other (ultra rare) dash optional set up (see bottom picture) - the so called "Rally pack" gauge set. As of June 2015, I've added the front spoiler (it just looks so right) and the passenger side mirror, and will sort the little things on the car over time. But for now I'm just enjoying it as the nice driver it is.







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