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Triumph Spitfire Race Car #44

Having scrapped the horrible 305 car,  we had started fresh. With John Kubiac and Rick Clines help, we figured out the motor and the handling. My driving had gotten better, and by year end in '75 it all came together at St Jovite for the National Runoffs. 

There were actually 2 #44 race cars, the white Mk2 1147 cc, which won the national championship and the Mk IV 1300. The black MkIV which ran in FP was by far the better car eventually turning a 1:42.5 at Mosport, but met with disappointment at the '76 National Runoffs at Atlantic Motorsport Park. After qualifying on the front row for FP, the car wouldn't start on the grid for the championship race due to a battery cable issue. Nonetheless it had been a good season, finishing 2nd overall in Ontario region, despite blowing the engine at the last regional of the year.  By the end, 44 was handling like a dream, and you could almost drive it with your fingertips. Inside or outside of anybody, flat out down turn 2 at Mosport, it didn't matter. It was a pleasure to drive. 


Shannonville, 1976. Brian Bishop on pole, Bruce Kitchen in 4th. Suzi working those awesome legs. Mark, Glen, Glens brother, and I think Mitch (pushing the car at the right rear fender), and I think Shirley Kerr in the right  foreground with her side to the camera.

Starting the victory lap at St Jovite. Glen in the car, Mark and Dave Lee in pits at left. Note borrowed 6" mags and number 144, as 44 was taken that weekend.

At speed at Mosport, #44-v2. For all the cameras around at the time, very few pictures of 44 exist in my collection  today. 

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