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2015 Lime Rock Vintage

Lime Rock was a stand-in for the Glen this year because of the dumb Glen policy to close the track for repaving. It was an event worth attending if for no other reason than to compare it to the Glen. In summary, the car show was incredible, seeing absolute world class cars that you wouldn't see anywhere else. How to make a perfect 300SL look boring? Bring it to Lime Rock for the Sunday concurs, that's how. Need to make your Lambo stand out in a line of Lambo's? Try silver wrap. How about a one of one Chrysler? And Ralph Lauren's stunning 1930 Count Trossi Mercedes SSK? Perhaps the most beautiful car I've ever seen.  As for the racing, not so much, it's probably a hoot of a track to drive but spectating just wasn't happening for us.  While the car show was arguably bigger and better than the Glen, the entire LR experience lacks that unique small town main street casual feel that the Glen has. All said, it's back to the Glen for '16, but I'm glad we did the Lime Rock Vintage event this once. And one other thing, wow is there some serious housing/mansion money in the area within a 20 mile or so radius of the track (Paul Newmans old stomping ground anyone?)

As always, double click any picture to launch in a larger window.

Short but tricky track.

A concurs Citroen DS? Only at Lime Rock. The bigger question is ...why?


Simply stunning

My Lambo's shinier than yours is, nah nah nah naw nah naw.

Wayne Carini

 Chasing Classic Cars.

Real untouched barn find (hoard)

A "nest" of Vipers?

Race fans, hard at work.

Me and brooother we come from Russia, make big sucess weeth restaurant in America. You want ride home, no problem. Please, stay, and drink.

Clean clean clean.......

Simply stunning, front view


Stunning, version 2. 1937 Chrysler Imperial, one off custom coach. In any other show this car is the run away show stealer, here it's #2 behind Ralph Lauren's Mercedes.  For more about this unique car, click here:

Unique, quite a story behind the "preacher truck".

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