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2014 Watkins Glen Vintage Featurng MG

I never thought so many MG TC's and  TD's and TF's still existed (I can finally tell the difference), let alone as race cars. Except for the obligatory rain on Saturday afternoon that cancelled the big bore race, the event had great weather, hot hot hot on Friday for the car show, and nice fall racin' weather on Saturday and Sunday. The MG Feature Race was quite entertaining with a field of over 50 cars starting. Another great Glen Vintage weekend as always. Shout out to Lance and Dave, who I didn't get any pictures of.


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Nice job, bud. Rock on.

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'xcuse me ma'am, your blockin'.....oh never mind...

Where's Waldo?

What were they thinking?

Variations on a theme?

''72 911S. Dead giveaway for the model year is the oil filler door. Too many gas jockeys filled the oil tank with gas. Porsche quietly put the oil fill access back inside the engine bay in '73 after buying many customer engines in '72.ore about you.

Night time parking lot walk about 

On the way to the mexican restaurant. I still like this car, notwithstanding the visions of Carol abandoning it on the side of the road somewhere near Thunder Bay many years ago.

Pretty pretty view

Rare 68 Cailfornia Special, not a "Carroll Shelby" as often thought. 6-light tail lights and some scoop add ons, but just a plain jane 302 automatic Mustang underneath.

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