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2014 Mosport Vintage Event TR vs MG


MG vs Triumph. The legendary Group 44 TR6 and Jaguar XJS cars. Grand Marshall Bob Tullius. How could it miss? And it didn't fail to live up to expectations (well the 3 car wings and slicks race excepted). While the weather was bit cool on Saturday we had sun all weekend. Throw in a great time meeting the man himself and spending a good hour listening to his racing stories. Not only is Bob Tullius an accomplished and legendary racer, he is a true gentleman with a twinkle in his eye and a perpetual smile on his face.  Add a Sunday morning head-on crash with a Corvette on the front straight at high speed right at our feet, (with only an 8" wall separating us from a direct hit, the closest you can be to a high speed crash without actually being in one) and how much better could it get? I know it's the closest I've ever been to a a head on crash  - separated only by the width of the pit wall. And trust me, it happens very fast. Throw in an always entertaining G70 race, a very cool Ford Fairlane stock car built to 1963 specs, and lots of other interesting stuff here and there for some extra spice. And top it all off with the MG vs Triumph feature race, where us Triumph guys had the one and only Group 44 TR6 race car entered as our ringer. What could possibly go wrong?  A great time and a very memorable  weekend. 
Be sure to scroll to bottom, double click any and all pix to enlarge.

Anatomy of a very awesome accident: a) chase really fast Mustang for several laps and finally get close because of lapped traffic b) decide you may want to make an overtaking move on the inside of  corner 10. c) hit  bump coming out of 10 and get juuuuust a wee bit sideways d) hang on, blink, and BANG! e) get the heck outta Dodge! That's one tough 'vette, he hit hard.

Best line of the weekend: "Ummh hey guys, watch the paint, will 'yah?"                                                                                                                 Ah, memories (or is it  nightmares?)

And the crowd groans... anatomy of how to spoil a much anticipated outing in the feature race . a) start mid pack, b) pull away with lead cars, charge through the pack and take the lead, c) fail to come around next lap  d) endure the ride of shame. Couldn't possibly have run out of gas could it? Oh well, "that's racin'".

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