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2012 Watkins Glen


This was the first time I had driven the white 911 any significant distance. Mitch had the Lotus Europa running well and Greg had the trusty old TR8. But the big news of the event was the rain on Saturday just as things were getting underway. Boy did it pour down. Within an hour of arriving on the Saturday we were cold and soaked despite rain gear. The rain came down sideways. So we went back to the hotel and bench raced for the afternoon - a wise choice. Sunday was much nicer but the crowds had thinned. The vintage F-1 cars (4th row) were really cool and put on a great show. That's famous Trans-Am racer Lynne St. James (row 3 left) who was the Grand Marshal and guest speaker for the weekend, as Ford was the featured marque. She had some great lines discussing her horrific 1986 Riverside crash. My favorite line: "When you've had a major crash like mine, you don't even realize you're upside down. So I undid my seat belts and just fell out onto my head". The Vintage Glen event is a great one if you're into vintage cars. 

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