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2011 Nurburgring Drive

13 miles long, 73 turns. The green hell. The 'ring. Whatever you choose to call it, driving it is an experience no car guy should miss. If you've ever driven Mosport, think of flying down the chute into turn 4, hard braking, and then up through 5a, b and c, except the 'ring may have 3 of them, and the elevation changes (Mosport's is 166', the 'ring is 1000') are way more severe. At some points it feels like you are looking at an approaching wall going straight up. And the Karussell...well, you just have to experience it. There are lots of Youtube videos showing hot laps of the 'Ring. Here's a good one - check out the bikes and buses - all reality. Although you can't get a real sense for the elevation changes, it's as close as you'll get without going there, laying down 300 euros for a rental car, and doing it in person. 


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