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Go Karting

Once you've raced it's hard to not want to get back into it. But kids and family and life and mortgages all get in the way. So, the logical (??) thing seemed to try go karts. A friend of a friends kid was doing it, so we went out and looked around. At first glance its regular motor racing but everything is scaled down - sort of. Carson and Ryan were 11/12 which was the perfect age for the father/son deal. The karts were 5 hp stock Honda 4 stroke motors, and the track was right in town. As well, there were classes for adults and we even ran on the high speed ovals like Cayuga and Sauble near Owen Sound. So, we gave it a shot. Ended up with 2 karts - one set up for Carson and one for myself  But make no mistake - like all racing, karts burn through tires and $$ and take as big a commitment as any race car. And Warren, who had done a great job painting the karts made quite a splash with the organizers at Flamboro when he showed up just before race time after a "busy" afternoon and...oh never mind.... After 2 seasons of so-so success, getting flipped upside down at Sauble, and a lot of $$ spent, I had had enough, and so had Greg. Time to move on. It was fun and intense but it's a young person's game who has different priorities in life. All things considered my biggest regret about karting was Patrick sliced off the tip of his finger off when the kart stand closed up and nicked hm.

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