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1987 Spenard Driving School

It was a good day. Warren, Gerry Meier and myself, throwing around an F-2000 car for the day at Shannonville. The driving instructor (visible bottom left picture leaning over the car) was Stephan Proulx, who was the rival of the day to Paul Tracy. He had been tagged by many as heading for the top ranks of motor racing, eventually progressing up to F3/F-3000. No question he was a unique individual with a bubbly personality, and I'm glad to have met him. Sadly he died of complications from Aids just before his career really took off. Warren was really on his game that day - he was declared best driver of the day by the instructors, and won a free ride for a club race in an F-2000 car, but I don't think he ever followed through on it.

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