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1986/1987/1988 Molson Indy


The Molson Indy race through the streets of the CNE grounds in downtown Toronto had its inaugural event in 1986, and we wouldn't have missed it for anything. It was considered a radical idea at the time, and exactly what any devoted race fan could want. I still have a VCR tape of that first race, which was won by Bobby Rahal. We had various groups ranging in size from about 8 to 14 people go for 3 consecutive years. Most of these pictures are from the 1988 race. Besides the normal race fans in the bottom row, the top row features renowned Porsche driver Ludwig Heimrath who was there crewing with his sons team (Ludwig Jr - running the Mckenzie Financial car), Teo Fabi, and the cars of Danny Sullivan and Michael Andretti.

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