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1981 Canadian Grand Prix  - Montreal

Suzi and I went to the '81 Canadian Grand Prix primarily to watch Gilles Villeneuve and he didn't disappoint, putting on a heroic show to eventually finish 3rd (just like in the poster I scooped from a shop on St Catherine St on the Monday morning, and still have today). As you can see from the photos, the access was soo different than it was today. A little known fact was a young driver named Jacques Villeneuve was also entered that weekend in an Arrows Ford, but failed to qualify. Besides some incredible shots I took of Gilles, and those named on the sides of the cars or helmets, there are pictures below of Carlos Reutteman, Rene Arnoux, Nelson Piquet, Elio De Angelis (before his untimely death in 1986), Alain Prost driving for Renault, and famous F-1 privateer entrant and Road & Track writer Rob Walker.


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