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1978 - 81 Road Atlanta


My first visit to Road Atlanta was in October of 1974, and I had lost track somewhere in the 1980's as to how many times I went. The simple reason for this is that it's a jam packed weekend of incredibly excellent racing. The racing featured Group 44, Bob Sharp Racing (with P.L. Newman), BRE, Rick Cline, Lee Mueller of Huffaker Engineering - the west coast factory British Leyland team, and countless others. In hindsight, this could easily be considered the height of and the absolute golden age of "amateur" sports car racing in North America. The photos below are primarily from the 1978 event, with a few a bit later (the Ken Slagle GT-1 TR8) thrown in for good measure. I found a great web page that contains a list of every single entrant that ever ran at the run-offs through 2008. A number of guys had unbelievable runs - take a look at Vic Skirmants, just for one example. Besides the obligatory picture of E.T., the group photo second row 3rd from left is of the Canadian C-Sedan Honda Civic team of Geoff and Tony Foster, (along with Peter Clare) with whom I had my share of wheel-to-wheel races with at Mosport and Shannonville.


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