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1977 Porsche 924

I couldn't believe it. One day driving up King St in Kitchener somewhere around 1979 or 1980 I saw this '77 Porsche 924 sitting on a used car lot. I stopped and asked the guy the price. $10,500, or $250 per month for 4 years. Suzi and I talked about it at dinner that night. What? We can afford a Porsche? So we did it - took the plunge. Now it was an early 924 which had been badly panned as being VW powered, but we didn't care. We both drove the heck out of that little car and had a ball with it. But, I wanted more. So, a bit ahead of the curve, I located an aftermarket turbo kit for it and found a rental garage in Ayr to store it over the winter to work on it. As luck would have it, the garage was hit by lightning and the car went up in flames. No worries, it was insured, and we bought a Sunbeam Tiger with the insurance money.

All in all, I had a blast with the 924, and learned 2 things: do not power slide through the stoplight at highway 2 and 5 in Paris while the police are sitting there watching (I can't believe I got out of that one), and, do not try to do a 90 degree handbrake turn at high speed from one back road onto another heading to Reidsville after spending a few hours at Denis Kipps garage in the back room on a Friday night. That car took a thrashing, and kept coming back for more.​


Warren surveys the fire damage where the 924 was in storage, after the garage was hit by lightning,

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