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1975 St Jovite - CASC National Championship Runoffs

The 1975 CASC Runoffs in St Jovite Quebec (about 90 minutes north of Montreal) were the pinnacle of the Spitfire racing efforts, culminating in a National Championship in G-Production. The car ran flawlessly all weekend. I qualified 1st in class for GP and got off to a quick lead, with an Alfa coupe from BC filling my mirrors from the first corner. Right off the start he tucked in behind me, and neither one of us could pull a car length on the other anywhere on the track. It was the most intense race I was ever in. Lap after lap for 20 laps on the technically tough and grueling St Jovite track, all I saw was my mirrors full of yellow Alfa. Finally the checkered fell, and we finished exactly as we had started. The race seemed to take forever. I knew part way through the race that the Ntl championship was winnable, if I could just avoid putting a wheel off or locking up the brakes. The feeling at the end of the race was as much relief as it was elation.


Victory lap with Glen. Dave and Mark in the pits.Total team effort. Thanks guys.

Hard at work. Keeping it clean there. Uh huh.

Brian Bishop tweaks the Midget. He ran FP that weekend. I think he finished 2nd to a semi-factory Midget from BC. Note the nasty ding in 44, LR corner.

The one view I never had of the Alfa, except in the paddock.

What it's all about....this may be my favorite picture of all time. To capture this once in a lifetime moment of shaer elation. A great photo.

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