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1972 TR6

I had moved to the US, and I was car-less again. What to buy? The 240Z I had before I left Canada just never did it for me. I saw an ad for the TR6 in central Florida in Hemmings and called. Minilites, triple webers, overdrive, no rust and $6000. Anyway, it all sounded right and was exactly the way I would do a 6, and the work was already done. I flew down, and drove it home. It sputtered and backfired until I drove it to Kingston and Mitch and Warren swapped out the electronic ignition and replaced it with a standard distributor. It was like a new car. Until the differential seized up on the trip back and left me at the side of the road 100 miles from home. I guess a bone dry diff will do that. I fixed the diff, put a carpet set in it and detailed it. Didn't need much else.

All in all a very nice car. I sold it to a guy from Washington DC (a birthday present for his wife) to make room for the ERA Cobra replica build project.                                                   Looking back on these pix today, I realize now I kind'a forgot what a nice car this really was. 

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