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1972 350SL Mercedes


As a high school/college car nut pouring over the monthly Car and Driver and Road&Track magazines, the introduction of the 1972 Mercedes seemed to me like an out-of-the-park home rum from MB. It was more a boulevard cruiser than real sports car, but to me It was soooo cool, and clearly said "you'd arrived". But of course it may as well have been priced at a billion dollars, it was so far out of reach for a broke college kid (who was trying to fund a racing car with all his spare coin). Some day..., I said to myself.


Fast forward 40+ years later, and I'm putzing around the 'net one night. A first year 350SL, s/n #2026, it was one of the first built, with the very desirable pre-'74 small bumpers. Did Bing Croby really own the car? I dunno. But, at least for a year and a half or so, I did.

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