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1973 Canadian Grand Prix Mosport

What amazes me today as I look back at these pictures was how relaxed everything was. I was going to college and trying to field an amateur racing effort - in other words I was flat broke. Carol and I had agreed to work security on the Friday night in exchange for free entry, and apparently unlimited security access. I remember watching the start of the race from pit lane. Imagine that today. While these aren't the greatest pictures as I think we used a cheap disposable camera at the time, some of the content is unreal. It was also to be Francois Cevert's last race, as he was killed a few weeks later at the season ending US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. Click here to see the finishing order of the race, which was won by Peter Revson driving a McLaren. 

Stewart & Peterson discuss the crappy weather conditions. Although I was right there, they never asked my opinion.

Fittipaldi in the rain down the front straight.

Corner 9 Mosport

Great place to watch the start of an F-1 race. Note guy in red suit holding his ears. No thought of ear protection back then of course. It was loud!

Ronnie prepares for a qualifying run.

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