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1969 Ford Econoline Van

I had been looking for a used school bus to convert into a racing support vehicle, but this Econoline van (thankfully) appeared in front of me at a used car lot on Hwy 24 in Cambridge one day after leaving Lambke's machine shop, having dropped off some engine parts. Despite only having a 3 speed manual transmission and a 6 cylinder engine it was affordable at $1600 dollars, it had a tow hitch already installed, and it had a bed and storage bins in the back. It was ready to go racing. The van proved to be dead nuts reliable and did everything I ever asked of it. Having been retired as a race van in 1977, it eventually died a slow death at Dennis Kipp's Esso station on Colborne St in Brantford, where it sat and gradually rotted back into the earth. Having performed flawlessly as it faithfully hauled a fully equipped amateur race team countless times to Mosport, Shannonville, Trois Riviere and Atlantic Motorsport Park, it deserves special mention. May you rest in peace, race van.



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