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1969 Chev Biscayne 

Not having had a lot of mechanical "luck" with cars to date, and facing 3 years of commuting to college, it was time to settle down and get something "reliable". And boy, was this settling. A 4 door  6 cylinder 3 speed automatic in bottom-of- the-line trim level in family-man green. Slow as a slug. But, it got the job done, providing me reliable if not mind numbing transportation to and from Conestoga College between 1971 and 1974. Taught me to be smooth to not scrub off speed as it took forever to hit 60. Made a lousy tow vehicle for the race car. Boring 4 door styling, like the one on the left, boring color like the one in the middle, boring Biscayne trim level - blue car bottom, on right. This car was just plain boring. The definition of a car as a 'boat". Life's too short to drive a boring car. The Olds Cutlass company car that superseded the Chevy seemed like a rocket ship in comparison.  


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