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1960 TR3A

Ah, my first real sports car. ​​I bought it car for $300 (seemed to be a popular price I paid for my cars) from a guy named Harry who ran the Sunoco station at the corner of Hwy 2 and 5 in Paris. It looked pretty much just like the photo below, a later wide mouth car with steel wheels and hubcaps. Charlie Cowan, Cliff Miller (sitting in the jump seat) and myself drove it from Paris to North Bay one weekend about 300 miles. I remember it poured rain, but it didn't seem to matter, we had fun.

Sparked the beginnings of my love for sports cars, and set in motion my decision to buy the 305 race car to get into racing and later to buy the '59 TR3A that I'm now restoring. Suffered from overheating when I finally sold it to Bryan Lytle in Brantford for $100.00.

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